Intern Mentor Program

Student Mentor Program Proposal
To ensure a real “hands-on experience” for the Michigan students of Hospitality Business, we proposal a very unique three-month “Student Mentor Program”.

There are approximately twenty-one different “vendor categories”. This number could change based on booth registration. All vendors will be advised of this program and asked to participate with the students. Some of these vendors will be VIP sponsors

We allow only five vendors per category. We suggest that each category be assigned one student “Account Executive” to oversee the following services for the five vendors in each category.

  1. Administrative and Introduction

      Objective is for the student to make a professional client / vendor connection to someone who could become a possible employer. The student will be the organizer’s liaison and is to make sure that the vendor is made to feel wanted and appreciated. They will give the vendors the “V.I.P. treatment” that they deserve.

      Tasks - As soon as the professional vendor’s booth registration form is processed, we will oversee an introduction of the student, Account Executive, to the vendor. They will call or email their vendors and introduce themselves and welcomes their vendors to the New Trends and Solutions Expo. They will confirm the reservation and booth location. They should ask the vendor if there is anything that they would like assistance with, in preparing for the Expo, so that they will reach their anticipate goals by their participation in the Expo. They can assist the vendor to finalize that all forms, logos, and payments are in order. They can oversee the ordering of ads, signs and other marketing tools.

  2. Planning, Coordination and Communication

      Objective, in the true meaning of “Hospitality” the student will learn how to service a client. Some the vendors’ demands may be outrageous, but student will learn how to deal with this type of situation (which does frequently occurs in this industry), while building a strong bond with the vendors, providing the vendor with an unsurpassed Expo experience, and learning about planning coordination.

      Tasks - The student will stay in contact with their vendors to confirm that their linens, electrical service needs, signage, ads copy links on the web page, etc. are handled properly through the organizers. Oversee the vendor’s table arrangements, complimentary tickets, and other needs of the professional vendor are secured for their booth. These services will be detailed and listed in written form so the student can maintain a journal while servicing their five vendors.

  3. Marketing - Trade Show Experience

      Objective - The student will learn what goes into the trade show experience, the good and the bad and will work side by side with a Professional and the student will have the opportunity to build a relationship and create a good impression for a future Internship or position.

      Tasks - The day of the Expo, the Student will assist their vendors with the set-up, take down and operation of their booth; giving each vendor no less than two hours of service.

  4. Follow-up

      After the day of the Expo, the student will follow up with their vendors to insure satisfaction. They can conduct an evaluation and prepare a report for credit and also to communicate to the organizers these results (i.e.; what was good, what needs to be changed / improved in the future, etc.). They will send a hand written “thank you” note, perhaps include some photos or other things to further personalize this. We will also ask the vendors to provide a written evaluation on the student’s services for both the Schools and our review.

  5. Food Service

      We can also offer this same program for the 48 food service booths for student in the culinary or food service classes, offering these students the experience to work side by side with some of the best chefs in the State. (I would suggest one student per two chefs.)

    Working “side by side” with the Expo Organizers, (10 students) using the same “mentor system”

    • Entertainment -Students that are interested in entertainment can help us with the stage set-up and entertainment management. o Marketing and PR- a student can work with our publicist and help oversee the pressroom and help getting the story coverage before, during, and after.

    • Sales - one to two students can assist our sales team in canvassing sponsors and vendors, updating our data base list and work on other administrative duties.

    • Design- students can help us by setting up and designing the décor and the tables for the luncheon.

    • Logistic –students can help with registration, booth set-up, safety and risk management, parking and health services, etc

    • Publicity – We would include mention of this “mentoring program” in all promotion and press releases and give credit to each school college or university for allowing the student this unique learning experience.

This program can be modified to better meet the needs of the School and its’ students, and is open for discussion.


Kathy Krajewski, CSEP
President/Director Of Marketing and Special Events
Talent Booking Agent                   

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