Rock Harley
Johnny Cash
During the 1970's, the 50's nostalgia scene exploded with the movie, "American Graffitti", and the popular television show, "Happy Days". "Rock Harley", lead singer of, "Rock's Gang" toured the U.S. and Canada, performing at concerts, state fairs, and auto shows, with a phenomenal 50's/60's show. Appearing with, "Red Skeleton", "Dolly Pardon", "Chubby Checker", "Mel Tillis", The Statler Brothers", "Linda Rondstadt", "Freddie Cannon", "Charlie Daniels", "The Drifters" "Danny and The Juniors", "The Platters", and "Chuck Berry", Rock's backround of, "Country Music" and early, "Rock and Roll", has flavored his intrepretation of his tribute to, "Johnny Cash".

A songwriter at heart, when he was just fifteen, Rock waited at the stage door of a local, 'honkey tonk bar" to pitch a song to, "Johnny Cash's" brother, "Tommy Cash". Always admired for his similarity in tone and feeling for, "Johnny Cash's" material, "Rock's" vocal ability, mannerisms, and physical appearance compliment his renditions of "Johnny Cash". Strangely enough, it has been rumored that he is the, 'illigetimate son" of "Johnny Cash". "Rock's" latest recording, "Daddy Was A Houndog, Mama Was A Cat", is a rockabilly tune that may be a comment on past reflections, as "Rock" recently stated, " When I was young I always remember my parents argueing about,"Cash". Catch his act and you be the judge.
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